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Robert L. Blackford Auctioneers is a full-time professional auction team of proven professional auctioneers specializing in the nationwide sales at auctions of real estate, farm equipment, heavy equipment, plants and machinery, antiques, commercial and industrial property.

Our firm conducts auctions on a commission or flat-fee basis for many auction firms, trusts, realtors, banks, and other principles. Our services include a full time trained staff, national mailing list, tents, mobile field office, set up personnel and years of invaluable experience.

Robert L. Blackford, Principal Auctioneer, Broker and owner of Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Auction began his auction career in 1973 and is a licensed auctioneer and real estate broker in Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. Robert attended Western Kentucky University, the prestigious Reppert School of Auctioneering and The Western College of Auctioneers. He is the winner of numerous advertising and auction marketing awards as well as bid calling championships in state and worldwide competition.

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